Federal Student Aid Training Conference
2019 FSA Training Conference in Reno, NV

Federal Student Aid Training Conference 2018

Program Book: https://fsaconferences.ed.gov/conferences/library/2018/2018Program_Lite.pdf

Session Recording Videos: http://www.webcastregister.live/2018fsatc_records/registration_view_catalog_public.php
Conference Presentations: https://fsaconferences.ed.gov/2018sessionlist.html

About this Conference
The FSA Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals is the largest training program in the United States serving the financial aid community, and ultimately the students and families seeking an education beyond high school. The FSA Training Conference is not for government employees, but it is training provided for financial aid professionals by the government for those schools/institutions receiving Title IV funds.

Did You Know?
The FSA Training Conference is a series of training and technical assistance programs provided by the Department of Education for financial aid professionals charged with administering the Title IV student financial assistance programs on their campuses. FSA is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation, providing billions each year in grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career schools. In Fiscal Year 2017, FSA delivered more than $120 billion in aid to almost 13 million students at more than 6,000 schools. FSA also manages and oversees a loan portfolio in excess of $1.4 trillion in outstanding loans, representing more than 203 million student loans to approximately 43 million borrowers.

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Who Should Attend
In 2017 more than 2,000 unique schools registered for the conference to include (HBCUs and Tribal Colleges). All 50 states were represented as well as the U.S. territories to include (Guam, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands). More than 160 Foreign School officials attended from countries all over the world.

The Top 4 Reasons Attendees Come to the FSA Training Conference Over Other Higher Education Conferences
     • Training sessions
     • Direct access to federal staff
     • One - on - one time with subject matter experts
     • Cost/Value of the conference

First-Time Attendees
Congratulations on your first Federal Student Aid Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals! You are about to venture into an exciting, learning experience. Annually, more than 6,000 financial aid professionals gather to learn federal financial aid regulations, learn from each other, network, and laugh! Last year, 26 percent of our attendees were first-timers! Once you attend the FSA Training Conference, you'll want to come back because it's that good. This Conference will help you:
     • Keep abreast of new federal financial aid regulations and legislation
     • Come face-to-face with federal subject matter experts
     • Enhance your knowledge, skill, and proficiency of financial aid
     • Network and create new relationships with others
     • Learn about new products and services

Meeting Other Attendees
The most valuable resources at the Conference are the people you meet!

The FSA Training Conference is truly an educational environment with people that like to talk and share their knowledge! Sharing meals, chatting in between sessions, or connecting in the Resource Center are just a few ways of meeting other attendees. In no time flat you'll meet new colleagues, gain new ideas and knowledge, and have plenty of new contacts to add to your address book! These are valuable resources for when you are back in your office.

Picking Interest Sessions
FSA strongly suggests you review session descriptions online before you attend the Conference. The session list is usually online by September of each year.

While it is impossible to attend every session, a little planning beforehand can help you maximize your time. When you get to the Conference, you'll receive a badge, program, and agenda. You can use your agenda as a scheduler by checking the box of the session you want to attend. The easiest way to do this is to read through the session list and pick at least one session in each time slot, then pick a back-up session in case the first session you wanted is full. Many times, popular sessions are repeated at different times or days. Refer to your conference program for session slot days/times for each session.

The FSA Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals is a unique professional learning opportunity that will provide you with an enhanced knowledge of financial aid that will empower you! Thanks for attending.
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