2018 PacFAA Conference
March 27-28, 2018


The annual PacFAA Conference provides essential training through relevant sessions to enhance participants' professional development. By attending training with other aid administrators from different types of educational institutions, the conference creates an environment in which participants can increase their professional growth by networking and collaborating with fellow participants.

We are pleased to announce that PacFAA has partnered with WASFAA to be able to bring to our members an opportunity to experience WASFAA’s customer service oriented training on creating magic in the financial aid office, a la Disney, using the concepts from the book “Be Our Guest”. Along with this great training, conference attendees will receive a copy of the book “Be Our Guest” and the opportunity to become a WASFAA member for the 18-19 year for no additional charge.

For those who will opt to become a WASFAA member for 18-19 year for no additional charge, you will be required to complete the WASFAA Membership Application when it becomes available, around May 1, 2018. After completing the WASFAA Membership Application, please send the invoice for payment to PacFAA by May 31, 2018. Once WASFAA Membership registration is open, PacFAA will send you a reminder email with instructions on how to submit the WASFAA Membership invoice.

2018 PacFAA Conference Handouts

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